The Future of Steam’s Early Access Platform

steamearlyaccessThere are a couple of videos circling the World Wide Web, such as ‘Cleaning Up Steam’ and ‘Steam Needs Quality Control,’ which try to combat the flood of low quality or unfinished games on the market. There some members in the industry that think that the availability of unfinished goods has strongly affected Steam’s Early Access reputation, such as Jim Sterling who strongly believes that a professional store should not be selling games that are not ready for the public.

Jamie Cheng, founder of Klei Entertainment, thinks that there are some strong cons about this platform, but he strongly believes that honesty is the key when it comes to the selling of unfinished games.

Mr. Simpson believes that the Steam community needs to grow in order to develop a keen eye and instinct. His idea is that the Steam store should be a place where users state what they think–than what they spend money on.

On the other hand, Mr. Clark thinks that there should be a kind of rating metric to help alleviate this negative downfall that is going on with the Steam Early Access platform. But, these are just ideas. We all will have to wait and see what happens to this platform which seems to be going through a shaky phase at the moment.