Early Access Games – Is it Worth Taking a Chance?

earlyaccessTaking a Chance

On the other hand, Ryan Clark, who is designed the NecroDancer game, has stated that his group didn’t benefit from Early Access before the general consensus about the option began to take a downfall.

Mr. Clark didn’t want to partake in this platform, as he was very skeptical. He was aware that there were already people that were not willing to purchase games in Early Access as a matter of principle because they had either heard negative feedback or had themselves had a bad experience in the past. Were it not for the negative mark on the program, Early Access would be fitting for any game that fit into the parameters. However, at this point, Early Access games are a shooting match and you just don’t know what you are going to get.

But, Ryan and his group took a chance, and it paid off, as Crypt of the NecroDancer was number 1 on Steam’s sales chart, and the feedback they received from people has been positive and has helped them make a couple of changes here and there to make the game more fun.

Ryan and his team have noticed that their sales have been declining a bit, as they have observed that more and more people are becoming skeptical about purchasing an unfinished good. There are some players who state on the website that maybe that the games are probably a scam or that maybe the developers just want to cash-in and forget about further developing their games.

These types of messages have really made Ryan and his coworkers feel shocked, because they say that there is no way that they are going to give up on their game. This group truly loves the game that they have created. It hurts Ryan to know that they are being accused of false counts, but he totally understands why people are becoming so doubtful, as there have been some developers who have really cashed-in and have abandon their projects.